Hey Beautiful,

Welcome to Thai + Skai Boutique! Founded in 2018 by creator Whitney Chavis. Thai and Skai are the names of Whitney's two beautiful daughters, Thailand and Aubree "Skai". Whitney always had an eye for fashion from her early childhood. Because of her love of fashion, modeling, and dressing up, she decided to bring this incredible line of fashion to the forefront.

Thai + Skai Boutique consist of gorgeous fashion styled for beautiful women. TSB believes it does not matter if your clothes are simple, comfortable, sexy, chill, or simply lounging clothing, your outfit is your statement. We love providing ladies with clothes that will build you up, stand you out, and that are complimentary to the beautiful doll we know you are! 

TSB appreciates all of our customers AKA #TSBdolls which is the reason we are committed to providing our customers stunning items and excellent customer service!

Thank You kindly for Shopping by, and we hope you find a Pretty Piece!

Happy Shopping, Doll! 💜